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I have a bug :´(  I launched the game the second the download ended and was able to play until right after the title secuence. However, I paused and closed the game to change the screen settings and launched it back up, clicked "resume" and the scene to fix the scooter began. I thought I´d have to play it over again but when I clicked on the scooter it immediatly went to the oil changing dialogue, but I did not have the oil in my inventory, so I could not move along. I closed the game, uninstalled it, installed it again and played, but the bug persisted. What can I do? 


This is a very nice and relaxing game with a beautiful scenery and good graphics, though on my game it went rather dark in places but that's on my end. Take nothing away from the lovely feel-good nature of the setting and atmosphere. Here is part 1 of my play through, please check it out!

brother, can you please gimme this game Project I requested from you

I need it to make a game like this plz can you gimme that project

Hi there,

thank you for creating such a wonderful and enjoyable game. <3 We wrote a German review about it:


I played this in a random games video the graphics look nice the gameplay is simple but I still enjoyed it overall 

There may be a bug. When the configure screen opens, it's fine. However, it crashes right after the Unity logo fades. I have tried every combination of both graphics, and size, none of which will work. Please fix this, it looks great!

Try launching it and leaving it for a bit. There seems to be an issue with Unity when if you click/ hit a key when it's loading, it hangs/ crashes.

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I like graphics

I loved the graphics and small conversations in the small town. Those friendly yet rough communications are something we have lost in the city. Unfortunately, I couldn't make good personal connections with the game. However, this slow and nostalgic feelings will bring good vibes to players.

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Thank you <3


This was a delight! In the midst of all the action, horror and rage platformer games it was really lovely to just wander into a laid-back world of quiet neighbourhoods and relaxing countryside.

Of course, being a writer struggling for inspiration with a deadline looming is kinda stressful, but I feel like the story being set up here will end things with a lovely little resolution after our intrepid novelist reconnects with family and friends, all the while receiving a nice creative spark for his fictional world.

Interspersing the real world and world of Sid's novel is a great little idea, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how that plays out in the full game.

I did run into a couple of game-breaking bugs when I played through the demo, but every time I reached out to the dev I got a pretty swift response. So that's worth some extra brownie points for sure =)

I dig it. The first person was jank in every sense of the word, but the rest was an intriguing teaser for the full release

Thanks for playing and streaming the game! The first person sections are being worked on and have been improved in the latest patch as well.

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Hi, and thanks for this game!
As a small feedback, In game settings menù there is a bug with the Music slider because SFX is fully audable only if "Music" level is above 0%, otherwise if Music is turned off some environment sound effect (like wind and animals sounds) seems turned off even if SFX is set at 100%.


Thanks for the feedback. and for playing the game! :)

beautiful i cant really belive this was great


I really was liking it up until the First Person sections. The head bobbing was so intense that while I muscled through the first part the 2nd first person section trying to get through the gate I got extremely nauseous and had to stop playing. I'd tone down the default head bob drastically and add an option to fully remove it as it's a common nausa issue.

Good luck with your kickstarter, it was enjoyable for what I got to play.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll improve the head bob

I sense a lot of family drama at the dinner Sid is going to. But I'm sure things will be alright in the end. :)


:) Thanks for playing!

This was great! The game really has you feel like you're in the shoes of a writer. Can't wait for the full release.

Thank you so much for playing! Really enjoyed watching that :) Btw, to answer your question (though you may have already found out by now) the game is set in my hometown - Goa, India.

Do you have any devlogs about the game ?


I'll be starting soon! Will be posting them here as well.

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Loved it! Very excited for the full game. 

Awesome, thank you for streaming it! :)

seems pretty nice !

Thank you! :)