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This is just the type of games I love, will play it tonight and write a review soon after 

Let me know how it goes and if you run into any issues! :)

hey just wanted to leave some feed back.  btw looking forward to the full release! ive never been into "side scroller games" idk if im using that term correctly ^.^!  I'm huge into playing mystery games,  so i had to check it.  starting off with the amount of detail that was put onto the game, just the little thing from the  the messy room, messy book shelve, personalized letters in the room and all the knick knacks around the house, did really good conveying the setting in each new place. The characters were written really well, (played a lot of indie games and sometimes the writing  they had for the characters seemed kinda hollow, like they had no personality)  i could see their personality based on the writing style and how  it change from character to character (as you guys stated on you description) the characters had very distinct personalities from troubled,tryna keep it together, and,sarcastic detective to mysterious,vague with intentions priest...I know the priest did >.> <.< i know it! haha, anyways just wanted to say  keep up the good work guys! i did  a lets play, this is my first part of it. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it Leon, and thanks for the great feedback and good wishes! :)

Hi Leon, I noticed you had a couple of bugs in your playthrough (ghost didn't appear, mechanic scene etc) Can you tell me which file it was that you downloaded? Mac/ Windows? It'll help me out during bug fixing. Thanks! :)

i downloaded the game for windows version.



The last part of the demo

can't wait until the full game comes out

Thank you for playing, Rossnator! :)

I just love this game. I also love the concept. This game was so immersive that I forgot to see that I was playing the game for 1 hour. Seriously just love this game.

I really enjoyed the game and can't wait for the full release. 

I would definitely recommend supporting the Indiegogo campaign on in the post below (or in the description of my video)!

Thanks for playing! :)

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that the Indiegogo campaign for Rainswept is now live! Please consider supporting the game by following this link: 

Also, here’s the new trailer: 

What do you think? Let me know!

- Armaan

Alright. This game is amazing. This is just one of the episodes I recorded for the game, but when I am writing this, I already finished the demo. Really nice job on the game, I'm looking forward to getting the full version :D

Thank you! Glad you like it :)

Immediately added to steam wishlist. I'm in need of more murder mystery detective ish games that doesn't have the flashlight horror theme going on and I definitely want to see more of what this story has to offer! 

Thanks for playing! :)

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Announcement: Just a heads up - The 32 bit version that was uploaded today has a bug that is being currently worked on. The fixed version should be up in a few hours!

Edit: The fixed version is now up, but if you have the choice, the 64 bit version is the recommended one to download.

Not sure if this is a part of the game but here's a bug :')

That is definitely a bug!! Can you tell me which version/ file it is that you've downloaded?

If this was the 32 bit version, just re-download the updated version. It should be fixed now :)

Oops. Really long wait for a response but it is the 32-bit version that I had downloaded.

Hope you got past the bug :) If not, you could always get the updated 32 bit version (or the 64 bit one)


Any chance of a demo for Linux?


Hi (And sorry for the late response!) I've been trying to make a linux version of the demo but usually something else ends up taking priority (as this would require me to install and test it on linux) So a linux demo is planned, it might just take a few days! I'll let you know if/ when it's up. Thanks :)


Feel free to reach me directly for GamingOnLinux at :)


Sure, will do!

I would love a Linux version as well. Count me in for a purchase if you can ever get it going.

hey i think i found a bug, i was in diane and chris's room and i open the drawer (the one that's locked) and i played as chris, it told me to go outside and i did but i was on the edge and nothing happen. i waited like a minute but nothing really happen so i check a video and i saw that a woman was supposed to talk to chris but it didnt happen to me.

pls fix this

Hi, sorry about this. Did you try restarting the level? And did you go all the way to the left?

yes i have restart the level and i did go all the way to the left

Hmm that's odd. Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it.

pls let me know if you already fix it because i reeeeaaaallly like the game

Hi! I've been able to identify the issue, thanks for pointing it out! There should be a fix up in a day or two - I'll keep you updated.


Can you tell me - did you download the 64 bit version or the 32 bit one?

i finally finished the game :D (after a month< but it still counts... right?)
anyhow, i LOVED it and wish you the best in developing the full thing. and waiting on that one too

Thanks Lazy.pun!

Keep the good work man! I played a little and a like it.

Thank you :)

This game feels like if Broadchurch (TV show) was turned into a game! :) Which is to say, I liked it, and look forward to the full release. The music and story are good so far, and I haven't even finished the demo yet! I'm just going to throw this out there, but when picking dialogue options, it would be nice if there was a dot (or something)  in front of the currently selected dialogue to make it easier to see which one I'm picking. For some reason, the color difference isn't enough and I sometimes pick the wrong dialogue because I wasn't sure which one I was on. 

Glad you like the demo! :) Just wanted to make sure; did you download the updated version of the demo? It was uploaded about 14 days ago, and fixed some of the issues you're talking about (Different speakers had different colored text - blue, green, black etc) Let me know, thanks! 

Yes, it was the new update. I didn't have a hard time differentiating who was talking (the colors helped in that regard). It's when I'm choosing my own responses. The way it's handled now is fine, but it would be quicker to know which dialogue choice you're picking if there was a small dot or something in front of the choice you're highlighting. Oh, another option is to maybe italicize the option you're highlighting.

Ah alright. Will look into that, thanks! :)

No problem! Keep up the great work!

I had a chance to play through this demo and upload a recording of it. I discovered a few game breaking glitches, but I left a review at the end going over everything. I love and hate the cliffhanger at the end! I WANT to learn MORE! I can't wait to see the final game release. Thank you for making it! I hope you enjoy the video! :)

Hey RockTheGolem!

So I checked your video for the feedback: More than a few people have had issues with the controls, and had difficulties interacting with some objects. These issues will be worked on for the full game (maybe rebindable keys, or even the option to choose a point and click interface!) 

Also, the demo was replaced with an updated version on Jan 14, I'm guessing you'd downloaded the original version before that? This updated version fixed the "walking out of the scene" bug, and the collision bug where you could push Officer Blunt around. It also introduced dialogue skipping, which allowed you to skip complete conversations if you'd already heard them. The full changelog can be found here: In case you did download the new version, let me know. I'd then have to check if the wrong file is up for download on the page! And thanks for playing :)

I actually had an older version. This video was recorded a few weeks ago. I tend to record and upload in bulk, so I probably just missed the update. Thank you for watching! :)

Alright, cool :)

Really loving the game so far, it feels like a simplistic (in art style) 2d interactive movie! The opening scenes are all so good! The music is superb, and the story and mystery so far is fantastic! Can't wait to play more! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

I cant wait for the full game (:

the Game doesnt load. is this game only for 64 bit computers? if so then bummer

Hey Kyros, sorry for the late response. A 32-bit version of the game has now been uploaded, let me know if it works and if there are any issues!

as soon as it downloaded i knew it wouldn't work cause its a RAR file and for some stupid reason my computer only works with .ZIP files.

I've uploaded a .Zip file, give it a shot and let me know if it works!


Hey there, Here is the last part of the demo, i loved it a lot and cannot wait to play the full game, keep up the amazing work you are doing! =] 

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

I really liked the demo, the aesthetic is beautiful and I love a good murder mystery. I wrote a bit about it in my blog here:

I look forward to seeing the game develop further!


Thanks for writing about it! :)

It was a nice game reminds me of "Night in the Woods" the only problem I have with it is the characters movement is jarring and somewhat takes out of the experience but otherwise its a good game :3

Thanks! Character animations are going to be worked on for the full release ;)

I hope the best of luck :3

Hello! I loved your demo, it was so intriguing and has an awesome style! I can't wait to see what more you do with this as its got a huge amount of potential! I made a let's play of your game here~

 (Excuse my thinking it was only a half hour long!)

Thank you! :)


You're welcome! Good luck with development :D

really nice game

Why so many games offer a demo on their page but not their Steam page?

Looks like an awesome game! When will the full version be available?


The full version will be available later this year!

Only just started but already having a lot of fun with it :D

One thing that could be improved was the text boxes as it's hard to know who is talking at times. 

Overall though it's great fun so if you're reading this and haven't played it yet give it a go you wont be disappointed!! 

Thanks :) Also, the text boxes issue has been solved in the updated version which was uploaded on 14 Jan. It has other fixes too, and your saves will carry over. Might want to give it a shot!

Hey there, i went to record part three but i am stuck on this screen, i can get past all the talking, im just stuck on this background, i restarted my pc to see if that helps but no it didnt, i would really love to play this again and i dont want to restart the whole game again unless i really have to! =]

Hi, did you try downloading the updated version? The save game should be compatible with the new version, and you should be able to continue from that point onwards.

Hey there, i just downloaded the update, all installed proper, it is working fine but i push continue and it is stuck on this now, the day and time came up then the month and year, but no speech bubbles for the talking and also no music going on in the background either, would i have to reinstall it all? thank you for the big help =] 

I'm sorry I missed your comment. Were you able to get around it? Just to check if you ran the correct version - did you see options for "load game" in the main menu? Did the main menu camera scroll down when loading the game? If not, you might have run the old version. Let me know, thanks!

Hey there, sorry for the late reply, i just ran it about five mins ago, i have the load and save game options now, cause i didnt have them when those screens happened, i have a autosave, i loaded that and the second screen came up again so i just did the 'restart level' option and now it works!, thank you for the help, i will get back to recording this lovely game soon!, keep up the amazing work you are doing! =] 

Thanks! Glad it's working now.

This demo is amazing. I enjoyed the graphic style, the dialouges and, the story. My only gripe is the interaction with things. When you interact with a magnify glass  it doesn't tell you what is what. It is also hard to input the commands. For example let's say I want to look at the object I open the magnify glass then I have to press D for right and then E to interact. I think that's a little confusing for players and, can be kind of frustrating. Other than that it's a great demo with an awesome story!

Hi Raithias, thanks for playing! As for the control scheme, the plan is to overhaul it for the full release :)

Can I just say how much I want you to release the full game now? xD
Only played the first 30-ish minutes, so far it's great

Thank you :)

You folks are doing a great job with this one! Love the little touches like the zooming in on certain things when we're talking about them, and the way it's written is just a delight. Every character shines, even if they only have a couple of lines, and the design is simple but definitely effective.

I'm really looking forward to digging deeper into the mysteries of Pineview for sure, keep up the amazing work!


Glad to hear you enjoyed it, especially the little touches ;)

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excellent I really love this game beautiful environment and mystery so worth the play top marks 5 stars!! 

Thank you!

Hey there, here is part two, it is such a beautiful game, keep up the amazing work! =]

Thanks Guinverre :)

Great demo! Ran into a few bugs, but overall a good experience. Looking forward to the full release :D

Thank you!

The final stretch. Sad to see it go so soon. Question to the composer, was there any inspiration from the Heavy Rain track Painful Memories? The song at the end really reminded me of it. Overall, great work! Can't wait to see where the full game goes!


Just the first few minutes take me for a wild ride, I'm so excited to continue playing it.


Glad you like it so far!


This is so awesome for a demo.  


is that castiel?


This game is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

A lot more then I expected from a demo of a game! Love the art style especially!


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