#2 Demo now available for Mac OS, and updated for all platforms


So for the past 10 days, as promised, I've been working on fixing and improving the demo based on your feedback. I've also released a Mac OS build for the demo.

Here are some of the changes in this new build:

  • Speech bubbles - Speech bubbles are now colored! Many people found it confusing to identify the speaker of some dialogues, especially when characters stood close to each other. This is still a temporary solution, just for the demo (as the speech system will be overhauled for the full release) but it should do the job for now.

  • Dialogue skipping - You can now skip dialogues by pressing Space/ LB! This is only applicable for those dialogues that the player has already heard at least once before. This will make the market section easier, in case you mistakenly end up asking an NPC the same question you'd already asked before.
  • Fixed some collision bugs - Preventing the player from walking off the scene, and from pushing other NPCs around.
  • Made the investigation scene in the kitchen a little less cramped up.
  • Fixed the main menu - and gave it some new, fancy effects! The camera now moves down when loading the options, or when starting the game. Cool, huh? ;)

  • Loading/ Saving - Added manual saving/loading and save slots.
  • Slightly more fleshed out negative dialogue choices when conversing with the local cops.

There were a couple more improvements that were planned for the demo update, but they'll require more time and work than had been anticipated. They will be carried over to the full release.

Hope you enjoy the demo! Keep an eye out for weekly updates, and don't forget to wishlist the game on Steam!



Rainswept Demo (64 bit).rar 138 MB
Jan 14, 2018
Rainswept Demo Setup(64 bit).exe 131 MB
Jan 14, 2018
Rainswept Demo (Mac).app.zip 145 MB
Jan 14, 2018

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