v1.1.1 - Gamepad support + fixes in v1.1.2


The latest update with gamepad support is up now! Enable this and check out the new control schemes by going into the options menu in-game. Note that only xbox controllers on Windows are officially supported at the moment, and that other controllers may have unexpected issues. Support for all controllers will be added soon.

Fixes in v1.1.2 -
1. Fixed an issue with gamepad compatibility for the combination lock on day 5.
2. Fixed an issue where entering the outfit menu more than once would cause it to become un-highlighted when using the gamepad.



Rainswept (64 bit).zip 356 MB
Version 1.2 80 days ago
rainswept-linux.zip 377 MB
Version 1.2 80 days ago
Rainswept (32 bit) 354 MB
Version 1.2 80 days ago
Rainswept (Mac).zip 370 MB
Version 1.2 80 days ago

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