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Hey there, here is part two, it is such a beautiful game, keep up the amazing work! =]

Thanks Guinverre :)

Great demo! Ran into a few bugs, but overall a good experience. Looking forward to the full release :D

Thank you!

The final stretch. Sad to see it go so soon. Question to the composer, was there any inspiration from the Heavy Rain track Painful Memories? The song at the end really reminded me of it. Overall, great work! Can't wait to see where the full game goes!


Just the first few minutes take me for a wild ride, I'm so excited to continue playing it.


Glad you like it so far!


This is so awesome for a demo.  


is that castiel?


This game is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

A lot more then I expected from a demo of a game! Love the art style especially!



I really liked the game specially the artstyle and music in the background. Now i'm fully interested when is the game gonna be released, so i can find out what's actually going on with detective and what happened to the couple. Great game overall no complaints :)

Thanks GameGabe!

No probs i rly enjoyed playing it :)

Hey there, I played your game and made a video on it, i absolutely loved it, the art style is really great and really nice to look at it, i did not expect the beginning part but this is only part one, part two will be out soon, keep up the amazing work  you are doing!

Glad you like it :)

That's an amazing game you made! Love the story and the atmosphere, it's quite lenghtful too for a demo. Not to mention the beautiful art style, a real treat for the eyes and a wonderful experience to play :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, I'll play more of this and eventually get to the end of the mystery, best of luck for the full release, cheers!

Thank you!

Round two! I'm loving digging further into this, the town is a lovely space and the scene up to the church on the hill was absolutely beautiful. Not to mention all the backstory we're starting to get on Anderson. Love it!

Detective games tend to be hit or miss for me, but this game is terrific.  I am actually engaged in all of these characters lives, each with their own distinct personality.  I LOVE THE WALKING ANIMATION.  Just had to put that out there, the graphics are beautiful and cozy.  I can't wait to see where this all goes, thee are so many possibilities, and I still have so many questions.  Great job, and I can't wait!  Part 2 video of the demo is posting next week.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad to hear you like it so far! (Especially the walking animation ;))

Part 2, if anyone's interested 



Love the artstyle! Love the story so far! Love the scenery! Love the music! Love this demo! Can't wait for the full fletched game to come out! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks RadiCarl! Glad you liked it :)

What a gorgeous game! Recomend downloading it and having a go, great fun and the story line draws you in easily 

Extremely impressed by this so far! The art style and music are just wonderful and the writing is really compelling. I was a little worried about what the game was going to be at first but it fell pretty quickly into a nice rhythm. I'm excited to see more already! 

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Hi, thanks for checking it out! I enjoyed watching your playthrough of it as well :) I'll be back for episode 2!

Enticing.. both mysteries. :) 

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Thanks for playing! I found your commentary pretty entertaining ;) 

Man i cant wait for the full version to be out! i will play the hell out of it!

Thanks! :)

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