#4 A new character, and some cozy particle effects

Hey there!

Say hello to a new character: Doctor Martinez! He's in charge of performing the autopsies on Chris and Diane. Everyone knows him as a kind and caring citizen of Pineview, and he's always ready to lend an ear to those going through tough times. We know a few people that'd be happy to meet him, right? :) 

Along with the Doctor, work was done on the autopsy room level as well. But after visiting dreary, lifeless and cold rooms such as these, you need to visit a place that's warm, cozy and full of life. And there's no place better for all of that than Mark's cafe!

The previous week was spent creating a warm, early morning atmosphere for the cafe. This week, some time was spent focusing on the details in the cafe, and seeing how it works with a rainy mood. Turns out, it's still pretty cozy! :) Here's a gif showing some of the details inside and outside the shop. The rising steam specifically helps, don't you think?


See you next week!


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