#11 Restructuring, bug fixing and shoegazing


After taking a break for a few days, this week's been witness to hardcore development! The first couple of days were spent on restructuring the game and creating most of the systems that will allow players to move freely between locations using the main market street as a "hub" between investigations. This mostly meant creating a lot of variables to keep in check if a player has completed a certain investigation,  and how the world state of the hub/ market street should react to that (stop the player from re doing the same investigation, open up a new scene, change time/ weather etc)

Of course, there's not much to show when it comes to that. But other than that, the next few days have been a bit more visually appealing, so here's some screenshots! The first is a concept art that I made in a couple of minutes while listening to some shoegaze :)

The song in question is "Finland" by Vet Trip. Give it a listen, it's as beautiful, shimmering and dreamy as you'd imagine.

I also spent some time creating lightning effects for the church interiors (the quality of the gif isn't the greatest, but it looks fine in-game!)

See you next time!


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