#17 Finishing up incomplete scenes. Also, I'm moving to a new place!


Been a LONG time since the last devlog, hasn’t it? After the Indiegogo campaign ended, it took me a while to reorient myself and get back to my old daily schedule of actually developing the game.

As mentioned earlier, I shall be moving in with my friends. This is actually great, as the work of game dev can often get lonely and a little maddening when working all alone - so being around should help keep my spirits up as we head into the final months of development! Expect pictures of the new work space! (if it ends up looking good, that is)

This isn’t my new bedroom. I don’t live in the 90s. But the game’s characters sure do! Recognize anything? :)

During the past weeks, after wrapping up campaign related work, I dived head first into finishing up the remaining scenes so as to bring the core of the game to a 100% completion state. I’ve been able to keep a good pace, and the 100% should be achieved in the next 4-5 days! Then it’s on to the new, exciting parts!

Here’s the updated sprite for fan favorite “Grandpa”!

Exciting parts include - Adding the diary mechanic, improving speech bubbles/ UI (woo!), expanding the town hub “open world” and filling it with life/ NPCs/ dialogs/ things to see, connecting the hub with all the existing scenes so that the player can play through it accordingly. I hope to have this done between Sept-Oct. (Huge trouble if I don’t, so wish me luck!)

That’s a lot of extremely important work, after which I shall get on to polishing, adding/ improving cutscenes, weather effects, and trying to bring everything together in a cinematic manner so the whole experience “flows” cohesively.

That’s it for this update. Just a few more months to go. Just a little more (hah) work to do! Thanks for coming along on this journey <3


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