#19 Diary system, new NPCs and expanded Pineview locations!


These updates have become slightly less frequent, but that’s mostly because development work has me completely absorbed + there’s been a lot of non - show-able work done over the past month.

Here’s a shot of one of the new areas from Pineview:

And here’s a wip preview of the diary. I’m still figuring out the best way to make this feature work!

New NPCs have also been added to populate the new (and old) areas. Some of them will be fully fleshed out characters like the ones in the demo, while others will just speak their thoughts when you walk past them (as seen in the screenshot above) This is something I love from the Witcher games and decided to implement here :)

I’ll spend the coming week working on the diary and the rest of the UI. Then it’s a bit more work on fleshing out the town, the npcs and making sure the game is complete - all to be done during October. Then I’ll get on to the polishing phase, adding music and more cinematic transitions and cutscenes!


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